Friday, July 14, 2017

Bennett's Birth Story

Bennett here, welcome to my mom's blog. Below you will find my birth story, but beware, it got a little bit long.
In this picture, I was only 6 weeks. Now I am a whole 2 months. I'm growing fast. Have a good day!
I have been wanting to get Bennett's birth story written for some time now. The details are fading quickly, but that is probably just as well. No need for this to be too detailed.

Tuesday, May 9th is where I will begin. The night before, I began experiencing some very intense abdominal pain. The pain was sharp and consistent. I stayed on the couch most of Tuesday and all of Wednesday. To get up and walk only intensified the pain. I had my 39 week OB appointment the following Thursday, which was a comfort. I figured that abdomen pain was a normal sign that my body may be getting close to going into labor, and I planned to ask if I could do anything to help it subside a bit.

Thursday morning arrived and I was not even sure if I would be able to drive the 35 minutes to the doctor's office due to the sharp pains. I knew I could force myself to do it. Nate encouraged me to complete packing my hospital bag, "just in case." I halfheartedly threw some things together, knowing that it would most likely be all for nothing. I had already put myself in the "deliver past your due date" and "get induced" categories. 

I picked Nate up from his workplace, as is usual when going to my appointments. I asked him to drive the rest of the way, while I reclined in the passenger seat. 

Once at the OB office, we were informed that we would be seeing a different provider, as our intended doctor was delivering three babies at the hospital that morning. This was out of the ordinary for the Van Wert County Hospital, usually they deliver around 4-5 babies per week. 

The practitioner, whom we saw, informed us that I was around 6 cm dilated. I was surprised by this since I had expected to feel contractions before getting to 6 cm, but I had not felt any. Other than the stomach pain, swelling in my feet was my only other symptom, so I thought. The practitioner also informed me that I had abnormally high blood pressure compared to my other visits, along with some protein present in my sample. She called the doctor at the hospital and they agreed that I head over to be monitored and get some labs drawn. I assume that the practitioner knew more than she was telling us, especially when she mentioned that we should not be surprised if they want to keep me and that I was certainly in early labor.

We finished at registration and headed up to the OB floor of the hospital. They begin to monitor the baby, my blood pressure and see if I was experiencing any contractions. I was having small contractions, but nothing I could feel. When the doctor got my lab work results, he made the decision to keep me overnight. Our doctor has a laid-back personality, which we appreciated in this whole situation. He mentioned that much of my lab work came back abnormal and he wanted to draw some more to see if he could figure out what was going on. 

Some of you reading this may be putting the pieces together and may be thinking, "well, of course, it sounds like you had pre-eclampsia." You would be exactly right. The three most common symptoms of pre-eclampsia are high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and swelling.

Nate and I did not think too much about it, they had caught it in the early stages, plus I was full-term at 39 weeks. Pre-eclampsia is much more serious if it creeps up earlier on in a pregnancy.

Friday morning, the doctor came in and began asking me questions such as, "do you take blood thinners on a regular basis?" "do you drink alcohol?" Both of which I replied, "no." 

He said that my labs showed very low platelets (involved in clotting the blood), high liver enzymes (liver not functioning to its full capacity), and my blood pressure was still elevated. 

He also began talking about a syndrome that can go hand in hand with pre-eclampsia, a very rare pregnancy condition called the HELLP syndrome. The HELLP (Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, Low Platelet count) syndrome can be life-threatening and hard to pin-point. The global mortality rate is as high as 25% for the mother (this we did not know until afterwards=). Mothers with this condition are at risk of liver rupture or stroke. Since my pregnancy was full term, the baby was not at much of a risk.

He said that he believed I had the HELLP syndrome. Apparently my body was not tolerating the pregnancy any longer and the only way to cure both conditions was to get the baby delivered. The plan was to start me on Pitocin, get the baby delivered, and then try to get my body back to functioning normally. 

Neither of us were familiar with the HELLP syndrome, it was probably a blessing that we did not do much research on it until later.

At 9:00 a.m. on Friday, the Pitocin was ordered and started soon after. That is when I realized what a contraction really feels like. The harder the contractions, the higher my blood pressure went. Not knowing how much longer I could handle the contractions, I began thinking an epidural sounded pretty nice. One of the anesthesiologists would not consider giving me one, due to my low platelet count, but they tracked down another who would. Around 2:30 p.m. they gave me the epidural, followed by the doctor breaking my water at 3:15 p.m. According to the doctor, I was 8 cm dilated at that point. The nurse thought I was closer to 9 cm and so we began to do some practice pushes. I could move and feel my legs the entire time, which made it easier to push.

Bennett Clay made his grand entrance at 4:23 p.m. on Friday, May 12th. We were delighted to meet our precious boy.

As exciting as it was, the next few days were physically miserable. They had me hooked up to multiple IVs and were pumping fluids and magnesium sulfate into my body. The magnesium sulfate was needed since my blood pressure was not decreasing after delivery, it also helps to prevent seizures, which can happen with the HELLP syndrome. Nonetheless, it made me feel extremely drowsy and feverish. I was ever so happy once the 24 hours were up and the magnesium was no longer flowing into my body. I was on a clear liquid diet for the next two days after delivery and firmly instructed to stay in bed. 

After my third day in bed, I began to get very stir crazy and a little emotional. I felt disappointed that I was not able to get up and take care of my little boy as much as I wished too, sad that I was not completely coherent to enjoy my visitors, and so ready to be unhooked from the endless tubes and contraptions. I kept wondering why my body was not getting itself back to normal like we had hoped for. The doctor ordered blood work for me multiple times per day, stating that he would not let me return home until my platelet count increased, blood pressure decreased, and liver enzymes stabilized. The doctor kept saying, "I don't think you know how serious your condition is, had it showed up earlier in your pregnancy, you would have needed transferred to a larger hospital." 

On Sunday, May 14th, which was Mother's Day, I was finally allowed to get up and sit on a chair. They also unhooked me long enough for me to get my OWN clothes on. The hospital gown was not missed. I began to feel more like myself and we really begin praying that my labs would get back to normal in order for us to go home. I was put on blood pressure medication, which was helping. We asked others to lift us up in prayer as well.

God heard those prayers, for by Monday afternoon, my platelets had increase enough to the point that we were cleared to go home. I felt like my sentence, being hooked to IVs, had ended and the freedom to walk around was very much appreciated.

We were so thankful that Bennett's life was not at risk and that he remained healthy and strong throughout everything. I know it would have been much harder to see his body struggling compared to mine. 

This was not the birth story that I ever thought I would have to endure, but for some reason God wanted it to be. The experience taught me a lot. It reminded me how weak and feeble the flesh really is. I am more thankful for each breath that the Lord gives to me. Maybe the Lord wanted it to be an eye-opener to show me that I need to more fully depend and rely upon Him. 

I was also reminded at how often we, as human beings, try to make our own plans or envision how an event might go, and typically it does not go according to our thoughts. I had envisioned a smooth two day hospital stay without any complications, but God's plans are higher and greater than our own. We will not always know why He brings us through rough times, but we trust that He is working it all together for good.

If you made it this far, I hand it to you. Two months later, I reflect back, and am thankful to be at this point. Our little boy brings us so much joy and we thank God for him daily. Blessings to all!

What's that I hear? You think I am pretty cute, huh? 
Thanks for the compliment=) - Bennett

Monday, May 29, 2017

Bennett Clay- Our Little Miracle

Bennett Clay Zollinger joined us on Friday, May 12th at 4:23 p.m. A whole 7 lb 1 oz of pure sweetness. It did not take him long to steal our hearts.

I am still getting my act together, and may be for quite some time. Each new day brings me a little more confidence and leaves me a bit more refreshed. 

I eventually hope to share some details of how Bennett made his entrance into this world, but let me rewind a bit first.

Our Bluffton shower was on a Friday night in April. It was a very nice evening. The committee went above and beyond to make it special and the food delicious.

Nate and I had a contest on who could diaper and dress the baby dolls in the least amount of time. Let me just note that the a baby doll is much easier to dress than a squirming human baby.

Here are some of the other girls due around the same time as myself. Three of us have either had/are having boys and two are having girls. Bennett will have lots of friends when he goes to visit Bluffton.

My cousin Brooke is also expecting a baby boy in June.

Here I am at 38 weeks, looking prime and ready to pop.

Bennett was born at 39 weeks and 2 days. Some have asked how we came about choosing his name. Nothing super significant, but it seems that I have been drawn to boy names that begin with the letter "B" for the last couple of years.

The "B" name that I initially liked came about from a little boy who goes to our church, but I was hesitant to use it. Nate had a "B" name that he was in favor of, but I was not convinced.

When I asked Nate about the name Bennett, he seemed pretty neutral and fine with it. The last two months of my pregnancy, we were fairly certain that the name would be Bennett. Any other name that would come about, I would compare to the name Bennett, and I never liked any other name as much.

The name Bennett means "blessed" and his middle name of Clay means "in stiff ground." We pray that Bennett will be firmly planted and blessed in the solid foundation of God and that we may raise him to know and understand the truth of God's Word.

Bennett has gradually been meeting some of his cousins as our siblings find the time to come out, along with others who have stopped by.

Don't be fooled by the picture above. I am holding Brenda's, much larger baby, and she is holding Bennett. A few months in age can make quite the weight difference,

We are enjoying our little guy, while trying to navigate ourselves to a whole new state of normalcy. We feel under qualified to be parents, but privileged at the same time. Our hearts are filled with thankfulness that God would grant us the gift of a child. It is bound to be an adventure when raising our little Benny Boy.

Thank you for the love, well wishes, and prayers that we have received from so many of you. I find it hard to believe that we are already past our second week into parenthood. We will cherish each moment as we know time passes quickly.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Better Half

I find that I do not brag about my husband often enough. He deserves daily praise and admiration, maybe even hourly. What better day to give him a shout out than on today, our third anniversary.

When I first met Nate, not quite four years ago, I instantly developed a respect for him. I can be a little bit judgmental of others, so I am thankful that God allowed me to see his true character so quickly. God knew what was around the corner. I was clueless that he would be my future spouse. The way Nate handled himself and treated others in such a kind way, really spoke to me. I could tell that Nate had one of those easy-going and likable personalities. 

When I was praying about marriage and the proposal that was looming in front of me, I knew that I could get really excited if Nate was the guy that was asking to marry me. I was amazed that God could put such excitement and peace in my heart, especially after only meeting this guy a total of three times.

I have told Nate that if I could do parts of our engagement over, I most definitely would. I do not think that I was a very good fiance, but he was a saint, always sending me flowers at the most appropriate times and praying for me, a little extra, on my rough days. What a trooper!

Each year of marriage has kept getting sweeter and sweeter (I think he would agree), and to think that we are only to year three! We have dealt with our differences and they no longer seem like such a big deal now, compared to the first year of marriage, when I thought everything was a major ordeal. 

We have no parents or siblings living closer than an hour to us, which has made us depend and rely solely upon each other. While there are days when we long for family to be closer to us, we know that it has been good on our relationship to be our own little island of sorts. We are truly best friends and love each others company.

I admire Nate's compassion and sensitivity to others, his desire to grow continually with the Lord, his willingness to provide for me on a daily basis, and the list goes on. Another attribute of his, that I wish I possessed more of, is that he does not care what others think about him (in a good way, of course). He is constantly himself, and he never finds the need to put on a show or act fake in any way.

I realize that this may be more of a woman issue, caring about what others think of ones self, but it is so inspiring to see Nate be genuine all the time. It makes me want to be more like that.

I love Nate's contagious smile and will not be offended if our little baby looks completely like his father. I am so excited to see my husband become a daddy. I have been told that you see a different side of your spouse when they become a parent. I am already seeing the love that Nate has for our little miracle. Life will become more chaotic as we become a family of three, but I know that God will provide and will open our hearts with more room to love. I am excited to figure out this new adventure, together with my man.

I am thankful to Nate for being my #1 supporter throughout this pregnancy. I am thankful for his creative do-it-yourself mentality that has saved us money on different projects. I am thankful that he will eat any type of food that is set in front of him. I am thankful that he puts God first, before all else. I am thankful for the way in which he loves me. I am thankful for him.

Happy Anniversary my love!! I feel beyond blessed to be your wife. May God continue to bind our hearts together with each passing day. I love you.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Baby Shower & Sneak Peak of Nursery

  Last Saturday morning we enjoyed a sweet baby shower for baby Z. Everything was decorated so cute and much love and support was felt on our behalf.

I really cannot get over how cute everything was set up. Every single detail. I mentioned the color scheme that I was doing for the nursery, and they sure made the most of it. 

This table held stickers for guests to write their names and place on a picture, which they later put in a frame and gave to us. There were also Hershey kisses with little fox and raccoon stickers on the bottom of them.

This is the wonderful committee that went to much effort and hard work in order to make the shower possible. The food was delicious I must say.

It was a come-and-go shower, which made it convenient for guests to come and go at their leisure. For being a busy Saturday morning, it still seemed like a nice turnout.

Shelby helped document which gifts were from whom, by writing things down. I appreciated her willingness to sit up at the front with Nate and I.

I had quite the crew of gift carriers. They were very good at their job, we could barely keep up with them. I love seeing the nieces enjoy spending time with one another. I am thankful that a few from my family, and a few from Nate's side of the family were able to make it to our Latty shower.

So this is where the bows kept disappearing too.

We have no doubts that Baby Z will be very loved and cared for when he makes his arrival. He cannot show his appreciation at the moment, but maybe someday I can show him how excited we were for him to come into our lives. Nate and I are so incredibly thankful to our family, friends, and church family for helping us get a good start on this new phase of life.

As you can see, I am blossoming more and more. I have been done with work, for almost two weeks now, and am not getting bored in the least. 

Some of my time has been going into getting our nursery ready. It is a work in progress, but I like what we have thus far.

I hope to do a full post dedicated to the nursery in the future, but I will leave you with a little sneak peak. If you couldn't tell from the above pictures, the color scheme consists of mint, orange, navy, and gray.

I have really enjoyed working on the nursery. May as well add a cozy feeling, since I have a feeling that I may be spending much time rocking our little guy to sleep in this room.

That is all for now folks, have a terrific weekend!

Friday, March 3, 2017

It's Beginning To Look A Bit Like Baby

February was a month that I would not wish to repeat. Chaotic might be a good word for it. I am so thankful that March is upon us, giving us three more days than that of what February offered.

I did enjoy one of my few days off, during February, with Jenae and Breckin. I was delighted to have these sweet visitors. Jenae gave me some great tips when it comes to mommy-hood and raising a little boy. We enjoyed one of my favorite coffee shops together and Mr. B was such a well-behaved little guy.

The weekend before Valentine's Day was our Sunday to serve lunch.
Nate was in charge of picking up the doughnuts, from the beloved Rise n' Roll bakery. He took this job very seriously, I must say. He said he was not worried about getting pulled over, on the way from our house to the church, because not only did he have 18 dozen doughnuts in his car, he also had 12 gallons of milk.

I tried to make the trays look a little bit festive. You never know what men out there might need a subtle reminder, a couple days before Valentine's Day. A few of them stated their appreciation.

So apparently baby bumps are a bigger deal than I realized. I did not realize how much of a demand there was for photos to be shared. Unfortunately I have not done the best job at documenting my so-called "bump." Until recently, there was not much of a "bump" to document.

Here is my "27 week" shot. This was two weeks ago already.

Someone felt left out and needed to get in on the action. This is Nate's "after supper" shot.

Nate surprised me and planned for us to meet Brooke and Doug for supper one night. We were waiting to be seated at P.F. Changs and all of a sudden he turned me around, to face the door, and I saw some familiar faces. Doug had not told Brooke that they were meeting us either. I do not typically like surprises, but this I loved.

I am excited to meet their baby boy in June!! I am seeing some play dates together in the future.

While I still plan to work some days throughout the month of March, I will be cutting back quite a bit. Wednesday held a little celebration for baby Zollinger. My co-workers and the providers I work for were very generous to throw me a little baby shower.

Look at this darling cake! So so cute.

They asked me what I wanted for the meal, and I requested haystacks. It was delicious!

Baby Z now has a start on his wardrobe, thanks to those at my workplace. They were so sweet to shower me with gifts.

Quite the assortment of things. I feel very blessed that they took the time to spoil me in such a manner.

 So as you can see, it is beginning to look a bit like baby around these parts. I still need the 11 weeks to finish preparing, but we are getting more anxious with each passing day.

Baby Z should be set on diapers for a while. When they come at a discounted price, may as well buy in bulk.

We are off to Florida this coming week. Excited to spend some quality time together, before our whole world changes. For the better, of course.

Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Quick Hello & Gender Reveal Video

So, last week I wrote my resignation letter to submit to my place of employment. It brought me back to the last time that I carefully scripted my last resignation letter, prior to getting married and moving to Ohio. Why is it that I only write these letters before a big life-change? I guess that is not a hard question to answer. Trust me, I am glad that I have not had to submit more than a couple over the course of my working career. The letters are just another reminder that life is passing by quickly, plus the changes they represent have been prayed for over and over again. 

I know I need to enjoy these last few weeks of working, but I have "baby" on my mind. I have projects that I would like to fully commit myself too, relationships that I would like to strengthen, a husband that I would like to meet for lunch more often, and so much more. I know the time is coming!

Here is our gender reveal video for any of you who may not have seen it elsewhere.

Nate and I had fun putting the video together. I wanted to do something special to send to our family, especially since the timing didn't allow for us to tell them in person. We found out a few days after Christmas, hence the lights.

We were pretty set on finding out the gender of our baby from the beginning.

It has definitely made it feel more real for us. The love we have for our little one keeps growing and growing. I cannot imagine what we will feel when he arrives in person.

I am 26 weeks along and baby boy is quite active with his little movements. At first I was not quite sure that I appreciated his kicking skills, but now that I am getting used to it.

I finally have a bit of a baby bump to sport around. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come. My clothes are getting tighter and I know that will only continue.

So as you can tell, many of our thoughts are centered on our little one. We pray that God will have his way in the heart of our baby boy. It is amazing how your prayers begin to change once you find out you are expecting.

I thought I would just jot down a few notes down on this poor, neglected blog. Our life has been full lately, and for that we should be thankful, oh but we relish our quiet evenings at home.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Nate and Hannah